Head of Serbian Church, "anti-Ukraine propagandist"

The controversial Kiev-based website Mirotvorets ("peacemaker") has declared the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church to be "an anti-Ukraine propagandist."

Source: Prva TV
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

This is because of a speech Patriarch Irinej delivered in Moscow in May.

"Anyone helping Ukrainian schismatics is an enemy not only of the Russian Church and the Russian world but of all Orthodox Slavic peoples and the entire Slavic world," Irinej is quoted as saying.

And this statement earned him the title of "an anti-Ukrainian propagandist," Prva TV is reporting, quoting an article in the Belgrade daily Politika.

The Kiev-based website, meanwhile, accused the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church of being "an enemy of the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy, which is under control of Russia, the aggressor country," and also of "inciting inter-ethnic and inter-confessional clashes."


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