Serbians like ruling party, and frozen conflict - poll

If parliamentary elections were held in Serbia this coming Sunday the ruling Progressives (SNS) would receive 55.3 percent of the vote, a new poll has shown.

Source: Beta

According to the Faktor Plus poll, the Socialists (SPS), also members of the ruling coalition - would receive 9.4 percent - and these would be the only two parties to cross the five-percent threshold and gain seats in the National Assembly.

The Democratic Party (DS) would get 3.6 percent, followed by the People's Party (NS) (3.5 percent), the Pensioners' Party (PUPS) (3.3 percent), the Dveri Movement (3 percent), the Radicals (SRS) (2.7 percent), the SDPS (2.5 percent), the SNP (1.7 percent), the Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) (1.6 percent), and the DSS (1.3 percent).

According to the poll, 45 percent of voters would turn out if the elections were held on Sunday, 34 percent would not, while 21 percent said that they had no stance.

Respondents were also asked about Kosovo, with 63 percent favoring a frozen conflict as the currently best solution, while 52 percent said they supported sending in the Serbian Army in case Albanians attempt to occupy northern Kosovo.

The poll was conducted June 1-7 in the territory of central Serbia (excluding Kosovo and Metohija), on a sample of 1,200 respondents.


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