This summer expected to be among 10 hottest on record

The Hydro-Meteorological Service of Serbia (RHMZ) forecast shows the coming summer to be among the ten hottest in Serbia on record.

Source: Beta
(Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)
(Getty Images, file, illustration purposes)

A press release on Thursday said that heat waves - i.e., consecutive (35 to 55) very warm days, when daily temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius - are also expected.

During the summer, Serbia's low-lying areas will also have 15 to 20 "tropical" nights - when temperatures will stay above 20 degrees, while there are 29 such nights forecast for Belgrade.

At the same time, the amount of precipitation will be below the multi-year average in much of the country, except in southern and southeaster areas, where these values will reach the average.

This summer is also expected to produce between 18 and 28 rainy days - up to 36 in the mountains.


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