38 sets of "Serbs and Albanians through Centuries" donated

The Open Society Foundation had donated to the City Library of Belgrade 38 sets of Petrit Imami's three-volume book "Serbs and Albanians through Centuries."

Source: B92

The book is published by Samizdat B92.

The goal of the donation is to help popularize and stimulate an informed internal dialogue on relations between Serbs and Albanians, so a total of 250 sets of this capital work will be provided through this campaign to all regional, university and city libraries throughout Serbia.

"The Open Society Foundation Serbia supports social dialogues on issues of vital importance to all citizens of Serbia, as well as their increased participation. One of such questions about which an intensive dialogue is being conducted in Serbia today is the relationship between Serbia and Kosovo. In order for such a dialogue to be constructive and accountable, it is essential that the participants be well informed, that is, that they know the subject under discussion. In that sense, it is necessary to understand the support of the Foundation, which enabled 250 sets of the capital work Petrit Imami to find their place in libraries throughout Serbia, and thus find the way to the widest reading public. This is part of a project by which the Open Society Foundation Serbia, through a series of initiatives, together with its partners, contributes to the understanding of an open, inclusive and participative dialogue on the relations between Serbia and Kosovo," said Aleksandra Sanjevic, donations coordinator of the Open Society Foundation.

"The City Library of Belgrade thanks the Open Society Foundation and Samizdat B92 for donating the books that will be transferred to the network of our libraries and branches once they have been inventoried, and will be accessible to all users and citizens interested in history and especially this topic," said Director of the Belgrade City Library Jasmina Ninkov.

The event held at the Roman Hall of the Library of the City of Belgrade was also addressed by Veran Matic, representative of the publishing house Samizdat B92: "It is very important that our libraries have all relevant books that will increase information and knowledge of citizens. Now the current issue is the internal dialogue and the creation of conditions for resolving the Kosovo problem, and the capital work 'Serbs and Albanians through Centuries' by Petrit Imami is a very important review of historical facts and documents up to the present day."

Matic added that the book itself can be the reason for an interesting, content-rich debate about "what can we learn from our history so that we do not repeat it."


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