Posters dedicated to Ratko Mladic crop up in Belgrade

Posters with the image of General Ratko Mladic have cropped up in several locations in Belgrade.

Source: N1, N1 BiH
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

The posters show Mladic giving a military salute, with the words "I will not betray!" printed below, and signed by the Homeland Movement Obraz.

The N1 broadcaster said that a great number of these posters has been seen in central Belgrade, and in the suburbs.

Mladic was the wartime military leader of Serbs in Bosnia-Herzegovina whom the Hague Tribunal recently convicted, in the first-instance ruling that can be appealed, to life in prison on charges of war crimes and genocide.

The posters appeared in the capital as members of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina are visiting Serbia.


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