Security agency denies questioning folk singer over new song

Folk singer Dragan "Keba" Kebic confirmed on Tuesday for N1 that he had been taken for questioning at the Security Information Agency (BIA).

Source: B92, Beta, N1
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(Screen capture)

Kebic "did not want to reveal any details of the conversation, but said only that the topic was his upcoming song that the BIA appraised was not suitable for the national interest."

"They heard my new song that will be released in December, and I have no idea how they obtained the recording and concluded that it was not suitable for the national interests. So I had to make a statement and provide an explanation. I am not allowed to revel any details," Kojic previously told Srpski Telegraf.

However, the BIA issued a statement later in the day denying that Kojic was questioned because of his "new song."

The agency said that its officers on September 28, "while performing their regular duties related to the protection of Serbia's security" interviewed Kebic "in order to collect information or identify the owners and users of a vehicle suspected of being the object of the commission of a criminal offense."

"This conversation had nothing to do with any song of the said Kojic, and on the same occasion, all the circumstances because of which the interview was conducted were clarified," the statement said.


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