Some are silent, others cheer as man rages against red tape

An unknown man on Monday morning smashed the glass at the entrance to Novi Sad's branch of the Republic Health Insurance Fund (RFZO).


According to eyewitness, cited by the local website, the man, "visibly enraged" after unsuccessfully trying to renew his health insurance card because he was missing one paper - the so-called FT1P Case - smashed "all glass surfaces in his way" as he was exiting the Fund's premises.

The security failed to stop him, while other citizens who were there at the time either looked on in silence - "or even welcomed his gesture with cheers," the report said.

The website said that the man left the building and walked toward the nearby Vojvode Bojovica Street, while the police showed up shortly after to investigate the scene.

And as the Fund has the perpetrator's data - it is to be expected that the police will find him and file charges for damaging public property, or disturbing the peace.

In the report, the Novi Sad-based website also stressed that locals who have had to deal with the RFZO have been wasting time for years due to the institution's "poor organization of work" - something that is "best showcased by the long queues that form in front of the building each morning."


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