Two miners found dead in southern mine

The bodies of two miners were discovered on Monday around 23:00 hours CET in a pit of the Lece mine, near Medvedja, in southern Serbia.

Source: Beta, Vecernje novosti, Tanjug

The daily Vecernje Novosti reported this on Tuesday.

Beta said that it received confirmation from the mine that the victims were Z.P. and T.N., both "about 50 years" of age.

Media reports today revealed their last names to be Petkovski and Nanev, and said they had worked at the mine for "about four years."

Tanjug learned from the Interior Ministry (MUP) that "services with jurisdiction" in such matters are expected at the scene, and that the exact cause of death will be determined after "a detailed investigation on the ground."

The mine's officials, meanwhile, were not answering their phones this morning - but eyewitnesses said the accident happened after explosive charges were triggered in a section of the mine.

"It seems they didn't leave in time, and died from inhaling the gases," said one of the miners who was working the same shift as the victims.

They also explained that explosives are set off in a portion of the mine at the end of each shift - and that rules demand that both miners and those working with the explosives must stay outside the pit during the blast.


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