TV B92 brand is retired - continues on the web

TV B92 is launching a new season under a new name and with a new programming concept.

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'What are YOU on? I'm on 02.TV. Starting Sept. 11, B92 becomes 02.TV' (Promo poster)
'What are YOU on? I'm on 02.TV. Starting Sept. 11, B92 becomes 02.TV' (Promo poster)

As of September 11, TV B92 will become 02.TV, and will have a whole new look.

The broadcaster's visual identity will be changed - i.e., modernized, and adjusted to the latest global standards, when it comes to design and graphical elements.

The change came after in-depth planning and analysis, setting up a strategy to improve the performance, and strengthen the position of the media outlet whose business vision concerns not only the domestic, but also to the global market. Numerous surveys have also been carried out, showing that respondents appraised positively the change that will come in every segment - visual, programming, and the name itself.

The management of the company has rich experience in modernizing and positioning all media platforms, and after a successful rebranding of Prva TV and Play Radio - another obvious and expected change was next in store.

While fully respecting all the values symbolized by TV B92 - into which many emotions and memories have been built in - a circle of a past time is closing, and a direction toward the future is being set strategically, and toward all the challenges brought on by a new era of TV industry - with it the ever faster flow of information, and the changes in the viewers' habits.

It is important to note that the B92 brand will continue to live at the websites, which remain such, and will not change. The 02 television will have its own, separate website.

'B92 becomes 02.TV'
'B92 becomes 02.TV'

The new program concept has certainly entailed new visual solutions that we are certain our audience will like. The programming will be enriched with top global production new shows, films, and series. Our well-known TV personalities remain in our team, but new reinforcements are expected very soon.

The new logo
The new logo

Like oxygen, without which there can be no life - we believe that the new, rich 02 TV programming will become an irreplaceable and everyday part of every home.


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