Park to be named after Princip, Gagarin to get monument

The Belgrade City Assembly will on Thursday pass decisions to name several streets and squares in the Serbian capital.

Source: Tanjug
(Thinkstock, illustration purposes)
(Thinkstock, illustration purposes)

In the municipality of Vracar, a street will be named after Russian diplomat Nikolai Hartvig, while the former Financial Park in Savski Venac will be named after Gavrilo Princip.

A monument to Princip is already located in the park.

City Manager Goran Vesic also told Sputnik that a park near the former Serbian Assembly building, that has a monument dedicated to Tsar Nikolai Romanov, will be renamed to Alexandrov, in honor of the Russian army ensemble which lost a large number of its members in a plane crash last year.

Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human who traveled to space, will also get a monument - in a New Belgrade street that is already named after him.

More streets will be named after regional and Serbian historical and public figures and artists, such as Janos Hunyadi, Olivera Markovic, Zivan Saramandic, Svetozar Miletic, Milan Kasanin, Vuk Bojovic, and Mihailo Mika Jankovic.

"These are people who took part in the social life of Belgrade and Serbia or to whom Serbia and humankind owe a debt of gratitude, such is the case with Gagarin," Vesic said.


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