Vip Mobile donates EUR 30,000 to Battle for Knowledge

Vip Mobile has joined the project Battle for Knowledge with a donation of 30,000 euros - the largest donation so far of a company to the campaign.

Source: B92

The donation was presented to President of the Board of Fund B92 Veran Matic by the mobile operator's CFO, Milan Zaletel.

The campaign's Code-Play project envisages that all primary schools in Serbia will receive five Mbot robots, to be used to teach elementary school students the basics of programming, electronics and robotics.

The robots are easy to assemble, and provide plenty of opportunities for children to gain knowledge in the STEM field (natural sciences, technology , engineering, and mathematics).

So far, 344 schools have registered to participate in the program, while Vip's donation will buy 150 robots for 30 educational institutions, provide the main prize for the winning teams in the Code-Play League, as well fund numerous activities aimed at developing computer literacy among primary school students.

"We recognized the Battle for Knowledge as a unique initiative that contributes significantly to the development of education in Serbia, because it allows children to get acquainted with one of the most promising professions of the future, through play. Vip this year celebrates 10 years of operations in Serbia, during which we made an effort to justify our status as market innovators, and this initiative represents precisely a modern approach to education and emphasizes the importance of digital literacy among the youngest," Milan Zaletel said.

"Some companies have immediately recognized the importance of this campaign, and Vip Mobile, which made so far the biggest donation, is certainly one of them. We are immensely grateful to the employees of Vip and we hope that their example will encourage other socially responsible companies to take part in the Battle for Knowledge, so that we can as soon as possible provide these modern teaching tools to all schools in Serbia," said Veran Matic.


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