Flowers planted in pothole in southern town/VIDEO

Flowers have been planted in a pothole on the corner of Vizantijski Boulevard and Naserova Street in Nis, a town in southern Serbia.

(Screen capture)
(Screen capture)

According to the local website Juzne Vesti, residents in nearby buildings said the pothole had been in the middle of the intersection for a while - "so it seems somebody decided to pretty it up."

Passers-by and drivers now pause to look at the flowers peeking out from the asphalt.

It remains unknown who decided to plant flowers in the pothole, but the website said it learned unofficially it was "the same citizens" who recently attached boxing gloves to a set of flagpole brackets that dropped from the top of a pole in Dusanova Street, and was for months making it difficult for pedestrians to pass by.

Soon after attention was drawn to the problem, the flagpole brackets were removed.


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