Belgrade man rescues 29 people attempting to commit suicide

A 16-year-old girl was rescued from the Danube River in Belgrade on Friday after she attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the Pancevo Bridge.

Source: Blic

The teenager was taken to the Emergency Center with head injuries.

The daily Blic is reporting that she was pulled out of the water by Renato Grbic, the owner of a restaurant located near the bridge, who has been rescuing people attempting to kill themselves for years.

Grbic said the girl rescued today was a resident of Kotez - a Belgrade settlement on the left side of the Danube - and that she was the 29th person he managed to save after they jumped off the Pancevo Bridge.

He said the water carried the girl so quickly that she was pulled out of the river 150 meters downstream from where she jumped.

"We pulled her out, took her to the restaurant, gave her dry clothes. We kept her warm as we waited for the ambulance," Grbic said.



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