Hailstones cover streets in western town hit by heavy storm

A strong storm hit the towns of Pozega and Kosjeric late on Wednesday, with about 33 liters of rain per square meter falling within 30 minutes.

Source: RTS, Tanjug

State broadcaster RTS is reporting that the streets in Pozega were at one point covered in ice and that hailstones damaged many cars.

Basements in some buildings were also flooded, while flash flooding damaged infrastructure repaired after previous storms.

The scope of the damage will be determined during the day on Thursday.

In Kosjeric, heavy rain and hailstones caused damage to local roads and farming land, Mayor Milijan Stojanic said. According to him, the storm lasted about two hours, bringing with it more than 60 liters of rain per square meter.

Stojanic told Glas Zapadne Srbije that there was great damage to orchards in several villages.

Another western Serbian municipality, Bajina Basta, also reported a strong storm on Wednesday evening that damaged infrastructure and farms.

A little after 20:00 CET, heavy rain and thunderstorm hit central Serbian towns of Cacak, Gornji Milanovac, and a part of Lucani.


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