Migrants at border end hunger strike, will stay in Serbia

About 60 migrants at Serbia's northern Horgos crossing, who are demanding that Hungary lets them enter its territory, have ended their hunger strike.

Source: B92, Beta

They will now be transferred to reception centers in Serbia, Beta agency reported on Friday.

The migrants ended the hunger strike after speaking with Nikola Popov, a representative of the Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations.

These migrants, disappointed that Hungary would not allow them entry, continue to display messages reading, "We were born free," "No more war," and, "Respect our rights."

There are currently around 60 people on the waiting list to receive asylum in Hungary. This group was offered to apply for asylum in that country from reception centers in Serbia, or seek asylum in Serbia.

A week ago, a group of some 300 migrants moved on foot from Belgrade toward the country's northern border with Hungary, but only made it as far as the town of Sremski Karlovci. Due to exhaustion, they then traveled by train to Subotica in the north.

The group has since dissipated, with those who continued the hunger strike being mostly men from Afghanistan and Pakistan, who have little chance of being granted asylum in the EU.

If they fail to receive asylum in the EU and in Serbia, these migrants will be sent back to their countries of origin.

The migrants who last week started their hunger strike and set out on foot from Belgrade were among the many who are receiving assistance from the Info Park organization:


Commissariat: Influx of migrants lower

The number of migrants in Serbia has been steady for about ten days now - there are about 3,000 of them, says Ivan Miskovic of the Commissariat for Refugees.

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