Commissariat: Influx of migrants lower

The number of migrants in Serbia has been steady for about ten days now - there are about 3,000 of them, says Ivan Miskovic of the Commissariat for Refugees.

Source: Tanjug
The reception center in Subotica, northern Serbia, seen on July 28 (Tanjug)
The reception center in Subotica, northern Serbia, seen on July 28 (Tanjug)

Speaking on Thursday, he said that accommodation capacities in temporary reception centers were "nowhere near being full."

"The fact is that fewer people are leaving Serbia and that borders are now closed, but, due to measures introduced by Serbia - joint military and police patrols - the Serbian border is much 'tighter' now, so the number of migrants entering Serbia is also significantly lower," Miskovic told reporters in Sid, northwestern Serbia.

There are slightly over 300 people in permanent centers operated by the Commissariat, he said, noting that the permanent capacity was around 2,000.

The 14 temporary reception centers are accommodating slightly over 1,500 people, he added.

Serbia has passed a decree on accommodation for people who are under some form of international protection and work is underway on an integration decree, he said.

However, for now, no migrants are interested in integrating - they all want to go to Western European countries because, as some of them told Tanjug in Sid, Serbia cannot provide them with jobs with sufficient salaries.


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