CRH Serbia, B92 Fund sign donation agreement

A donation contract was signed on Thursday by the CRH Serbia company and the B92 Fund.

Source: B92

The donation will provide equipment for the maternity hospital in the Serbian town of Paracin.

The agreement was signed by CRH Serbia General Director Frederic Aubet and Chairman of the B92 Fund's Board Veran Matic.

CRH Serbia has thus joined B92 Fund's campaign "Battle for Maternity Wards" which aims to improve conditions in these health care institutions on Serbia.

The total value of the donation is close to EUR 50,000 and this money will be used to buy the following equipment: two delivery tables, two resuscitation tables, one gynecological table, two patient monitors, one bilirubin meter, and one LED lamp.

Veran Matic stressed that the maternity ward in Paracin is one in a group of 12 which will this year be fully equipped thanks to the campaign. "In addition to the previous 25 health institutions where the Battle over the past years claimed victory, there are 15 maternity hospitals left across Serbia where the struggle continues to improve conditions for babies and their mothers, and the medical staff," said Matic.


He on this occasion invited the donor community to assist this great project aimed at renewing all maternity wards in Serbia in successfully completing as soon as possible, in order to create conditions for babies born anywhere in Serbia to be raised and cared for in the best possible way, according to all international standards, from the first day of their lives.

Frederic Aubet on this occasion said: "Every company should be aware of the important role it plays in creating a positive impact in the community where it operates. Taking care of maternity and child care is most important also to our employees, especially as many of them have recently started their families. The aim of the campaign 'Battle for Maternity Wards' represents also an important part of the value of corporate social responsibility that we respect in CRH Serbia. In this regard, we are very pleased to be able to influence improving the level of care that little patients in the Paracin maternity hospital will be receiving in the future."

The donation will be handed over the hospital in a ceremony that will be organized in mid-December.


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