Russians forecast more rainfall than during 2014 floods

Serbia has received a weather forecast from Russia that is "significantly different" and could mean more precipitation and water than in 2014.

Source: B92, RTS, Tanjug

Head of the Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) Emergency Situations Sector Predrag Maric made this statement late on Tuesday, referring to the May 2014 catastrophic flooding in Serbia.

Maric added that the Serbian Government's Operative HQ was in constant session since 20:00 CET on Tuesday, and will on Wednesday "determine which are most at risk locations, and send people there."

According to him, the situation will be monitored around the clock.

"This is not a message of panic, but we can't take any risks. We will do our best to protect citizens and not allow anything to happen. We are prepared for a possible worst case scenario," Maric says.

He added that the forecast produced in Russia was significantly worse than what domestic experts came up with, and predicts 80 to 100 liters of rain per square meter. If so much rain falls over the next three days, "it could have great consequences," Maric said.

As for the current flooding that started earlier this week, Maric described the situation as stable, with the water receding at varying speed in different areas.

Nedeljko Todorovic from the Hydro-Meteorological Institute (RHMZ) spoke for state broadcaster RTS later in the evening to say there was "no reason to panic over the 'Russian forecast'."

He pointed out it was difficult to predict the amount of precipitation "over so many days" and that the RHMZ expects between 10 and 30 liters per square meter on Thursday and again on Friday in eastern, central, southern, and southeastern areas during the first day, and in central, western, and southwestern regions on the second.

Todoric explained there are "hundreds of different models" to forecast the weather, while the RHMZ uses "those that are tried and tested."

Natural disaster

The Serbian government declared on Tuesday a state of natural disaster in 15 municipalities in Serbia due to severe flooding.

The state of natural disaster is in place in the municipalities: Cacak, Novi Pazar, Kraljevo, Arilje, Lucani, Topola, Pozega, Bajina Bassta, Ivanjica, Raska, Ljig, Raca, Kosjeric (Seca Reka, Godecevo i Makoviste), Prijepolje (Aljinovici, Pravoseva, Milosev Do, Stranjani, Milakovici, Kamena Gora, Mataruge, Jabuka and Babine) and Trstenik, the government's press office said in a statement.

The government adopted a conclusion, setting up an operations headquarters of the national emergency situations headquarters.

So far, 710 households have been inundated and 118 people evacuated in the 15 municipalities due to torrential floods.


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