Komercijalna CEO, B92 Fund head present donation to hospital

Representatives of Komercijalna Banka (Bank) and B92 Fund on Thursday presented a donation to the Maternity Ward of the General Hospital in Valjevo.

Source: B92

The donation, that is a part of the “Together for the Babies“ campaign, provided the ward with all the necessary equipment.

The donation consists of a color doppler ultrasound scanner with three probes, a reanimation table, a lamp for phototherapy, a patient monitor with ECG and an infusion pump, the bank and the Fund said in a joint statement.

Alexander Picker, Komercijalna's Chairman of Executive Board, delivered donation to the hospital, on behalf of the bank, saying on that occasion: “From the very beginning of the campaign 'Together for the Babies', Komercijalna banka had set aside the sum of almost RSD 47 million. The equipment that the Bank will provide for furnishing the maternity ward represents concrete investment into the future of Serbia, as together we create more beautiful and safer life environment for the children that will be born here. Furthermore, we enable physicians and other medical staffers to use modern medical equipment, which in turn, enhances the quality of their work. I am glad that our clients fully supported our commitment to this campaign.“

This is the eighth donation within the campaign “Together for the Babies“, within which for every payment via credit card of the clients, Komercijalna banka sets aside its own resources for the furnishing and reconstruction of maternity wards. Thanks to the gathered funds, maternity ward in Valjevo got equipment that will, to the large extent, improve the level of health service and protection.

“For the moment, fundamental furnishing of all maternity wards in Serbia with up-to-date equipment, to the maximum extent, represents the activity of Komercijalna banka within the campaign 'Together for the Babies'. With this project, Komercijalna banka consolidated its clients who demonstrate highest level of trust, along with bank employees, B92 Foundation and health institutions, and all of them together have the same common goal. This is truly the story about the future, in view of healthy and numerous generations to come. The biggest beneficiaries of those campaign are the babies, parents and medical workers”, stated Veran Matic, President of B92 Fund’s Board of Directors.

He concluded that that “with this campaign, Komercijalna banka is doing a great job for the society on the whole“. By using credit cards instead of cash, the clients of Komercijalna banka directly influence the increase of donated funds, without any personal costs.

Dr Dobrivoje Grujicic, General Manager of General Hospital in Valjevo, expressed his gratitude towards Komercijalna banka and B92 Fund that helped in fully equipping this maternity ward: “Maternity Ward of the General Hospital Valjevo is the biggest one in Kolubara District and it offers services to the six neighboring municipalities. An average number of born babies reaches 1,400 on annual basis, but pervasive birth-rate decline hit our hospital as well, so in the last year, 1,278 babies had been born. Overall society, starting with every single individual, need to give contribution in the most significant battle, battle for the babies.

The joint campaign of B92 Fund and Komercijalna banka “Together for the Babies“ is of utmost importance for this institution, given that expensive equipment has been donated that serves for improving conditions for offering support to the newborn babies. I want to thank all the people with good will that recognized the significance of this campaign, supporting it sincerely, as it is the most meaningful campaign for the future of all of us, and especially for our children.“

The campaign was launched on June 1, 2014, and so far, thanks to the clients of Komercijalna banka, the funds amounting to RSD 47.8 million have been collected. Out of this money, all necessary equipment was provided for maternity wards in Sabac, Knjazevac, Pozarevac, Krusevac, Gracanica, Aleksinac and Valjevo, along with acquiring part of the needed equipment for the maternity ward of the Clinical Center in Belgrade. The next donation within the campaign “Together for the Babies“ will be realized in Cacak.


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