New big wave of migrants to arrive in spring - NGO

Asylum Protection Center NGO Director Rados Djurovic believes that the influx of migrants to Europe will continue in 2016.

Source: Tanjug

According to him, the continued raising of barriers will not solve the problem - "only reaching some agreement with the countries of origin of these people, above all in Syria, can."

"According to what we see in the field, from the refugees... a large number of people are preparing to move in the spring, but an increasing number of obstacles will await them then," Djuric told Serbia's state broadcaster RTS.

He noted there was no consensus in Europe even on the agreement on the distribution of 160,000 refugees.

"That agreement is not working and a very small number of people have been taken care of in this way. The problem will not go away and Europe will continue to face it," Djuric said.


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