Gregorian calendar Christmas celebrated

Christian churches who use the Gregorian calendar on Friday celebrate Christmas, the holiday marking the birth of Jesus Christ.

Source: Tanjug

In Serbia, minority Catholics and Protestants celebrate today, while the country's majority Orthodox believers will do so on January 7.

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Belgrade Stanislav Hocevar on Friday served mass in Belgrade, with believers and representatives of other religious communities - including the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Islamic Community of Serbia - in attendance.

Present were also members of the diplomatic corps, including U.S. Ambassador Michael Kirby, adviser to the Serbian prime minister Vladimir Bozovic, and representatives of the army.

In his Christmas message, Hocevar said that "the culture of our mutual relations is not in oppressing, but in enriching each other."

"Until all people at all levels bring to life Jesus' mercy toward ourselves, there will be misunderstandings, conflicts and hatred among us. This is why Pope Francis stresses so much that we should, above all, pray for one another," the message said.

Christmas is celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar by the Roman Catholic Church, Protestant and Anglican churches, and some Orthodox churches who have adopted it.

Serbian and Russian Orthodox churches, the Patriarchate of Jerusalem and Mt. Athos celebrate this holiday according to the Julian calendar.


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