Cars at border crossings wait up to 4 hours to leave Serbia

Long lines of vehicles are forming on Serbia's border crossings, the Customs Administration noted on Thursday.

Source: Tanjug

Increased traffic across the country's borders is customary each holiday season, and will intensify in the coming days, it has been stated.

Today, vehicles waited from three to four hours to leave Serbia across the Batrovaci crossing with Croatia in the northwest.

Those traveling in the opposite direction waited about 20 minutes to enter Serbia.

Passengers entering central Serbia from the province of Kosovo wait longer, as they must receive certificates issued by the MUP.

Vehicles that formed a 2-kilometer long line waited about 90 minutes to enter Serbia at the Tovarnik-Sid crossing with Croatia around noon today. There were no delays for those traveling to Croatia.

In the north of the country, on the largest border crossing with Hungary, Horgos, vehicles waited around three hours to exit, and about half an hour to enter Serbia.

There were no delays at Kelebija, including the truck terminal. The situation was similar at the Gradina crossing with Bulgaria - only vehicles leaving Serbia had to wait up to 30 minutes on Thursday.

There were also no delays on the border crossings of Presevo with Macedonia and Gostun with Montenegro.


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