Journalists in Serbia faced more attacks in 2015

The Independent Association of Serbian Journalists (NUNS) on Wednesday published its report, "The Chronicles of Attacks and Pressures against Journalists."

Source: Beta

It said that 34 physical and verbal attacks against journalists have been reported so far in 2015, while journalists remain "exposed to the arrogance of powerful people, and denied access to information of public importance," the Beta agency reported.

NUNS General Secretary Svetozar Rakovic said that the figure was not final and that compared to 2015 "the situation is worse as the number of attacks has grown."

"Critical reports are still missing, and it's clear that the media freedoms are threatened. The humiliation of journalists by government officials has reached its peak this year," he said, adding that "journalists, too, break their code of conduct on a daily basis."

OSCE media advisor Miroslav Jankovic recalled it was still unknown who killed journalists Dada Vujasinovic, Slavko Curuvija and Milan Panic, and who placed a bomb at journalist Dejan Anastasijevic's window, Beta reported, and quoted him as saying:

"At least three journalists are under permanent police protection in Serbia, which speaks for itself that the institutions had yet to face their past."


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