Website launched for #NoKosovoUnesco campaign

Serbian authorities' campaign against the membership of the self-proclaimed state of Kosovo in UNESCO has continued with the launching of a website.

Source: B92

After posting several short films on the internet about the crimes of Albanian terrorists in Kosovo and Metohija, the website has now gone online, documenting messages of hatred directed at Serbs, destroyed churches, graveyards, burned down cars.

President Tomislav Nikolic asked Serbians on Monday to spread the truth about Kosovo and Metohija online by sharing the material on social networks.

"As that which is ours is debated in Paris, we can sit in our warm homes and naively trust the truth to win on its own, without the effort of any of us - and we could also do something, however small it may seem," Nikolic said.



Drivers advised to expect snow on Serbian roads

The public enterprise Putevi Srbije (Roads of Serbia) has called on all traffic participants to exercise caution and use appropriate equipment.

Society Friday, November 27, 2015 11:45 Comments: 0
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