"Serbia can accept up to 800 refugees permanently"

Serbia is not ready to accept "thousands of people" who may wish to stay for a prolonged period of time, says Asylum Protection Center Director Rados Djurovic

Source: Beta

According to him, the reason is that the country has the capacity to permanently accommodate 800 migrants and refugees.

"If Croatia closes its border the way Hungary has done, we can expect these people to stay in Serbia for longer, in which case Subotica will also be affected," Djurovic said during the opening of an office that will provide help to refugees in this northern town near the border with Hungary.

He believes that "the refugee crisis is yet ahead of us and will continue in the coming years," and added he was afraid "these people will be in a much worse position during winter months."

The Center and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights opened the office together in Subotica, with the goal of helping refugees and improving relations toward them in multi-ethnic areas.

There are currently some 300 refugees at the Stara Ciglana site in Subotica.


Truckers end protest, passenger traffic restored

Truck drivers at Batrovci agreed to unblock the border crossing between Serbia and Croatia for passenger traffic on Wednesday, afternoon, Tanjug reported.

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