Serbian linguists: Bosniak language does not exist

A Bosniak language - especially as Bosnian - linguistically does not exist, the Committee for the Standardization of the Serbian Language is convinced.

Source: Vecernje novosti

The daily Vecernje Novosti is reporting this, and adding that the last meeting of the committee reached a decision to his effect, signed by chairman Ivan Klajn. The decision will be sent to Serbian ministries of education and justice, as well as to the prime minister.

"This issue has been raised again through the story about court interpreters and Bosniak language experts, which even Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) linguists say does not exist, as it lacks enough elements that would differentiate it from the Serbian language," Sreto Tanasic, director of SANU's Institute for the Serbian Language, told the paper.

Tanasic added that "the state made a mistake a long time ago, while Slobodan Vuksanovic serves as education minister, by signing a decree introducing the Bosnian language in schools."

At the time, nobody consulted experts, and later, it was too late, he said.


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