Migrants say Hungarian wall "won't stop them"

The Hungarian army has started building a fence along the border with Serbia in a bid to keep migrants from crossing into the country.

Source: B92

At the same time, migrants who come to Serbia from third countries continue to arrive at the northern border. B92's reporters went to both sides.

News crews are allowed to film in the area where preparation works are ongoing, but their movement is limited to 100 square meters.

The building of the fence itself will soon start, while according to announcements, 150 meters should be completed by the end of the week.

Some 30 kilometers away, in the Serbian town of Kanjiza, facilities were supposed to be provided to assist the migrants.

However, the locals told B92 that this space has not yet been prepared. Our crew found dozens of migrants a park in downtown Kanjiza.

Among them is 20-year-old Wassim, from Syria, who said he was there for only seven hours, and plans to go to Germany and continue his studies. Wassim said he heard about the fence being built on the Hungarian side, but claims it will not stop him from crossing the border.

"We heard about the wall, it will be dangerous, but we want to cross the border. If you travel in big groups I think there'll be no problems then. If we are sent back, I'll try again, I'll try anything, just to avoid returning to Syria," he said.

For the past two weeks representatives of Doctors Without Borders have been accompanying the migrants, offering "consultations, preventive advice, and basic medical assistance - especially when it comes to hygiene and preventing the spread of viruses."

A young migrant who injured his leg on his way from Sudan to Kanjiza said that this organization offered him valuable assistance.

"I have been in Serbia for four days, I plant to reach Germany via Hungary. The fence won't stop me," he added.

According to announcements, the 174 kilometers of the fence, financed from the Hungarian state budget, will be completed by the end of the year.


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