"Prevent humanitarian catastrophe in south Serbia"

Serbian Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Jankovic stated on Wednesday that over 1,000 migrants cross the Macedonian-Serbian border daily.

Source: Tanjug

She called on the authorities to "help prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in southern Serbia."

Ahead of her visit to Presevo on Thursday, Jankovic called on all authorities in Serbia, international and local organizations and representatives of the civil sector to respond urgently.

Presevo has become a city of migrants and thousands of people, including women and children, pass through it every day on their route of escape from war-afflicted areas in Near East in the search for safety in Europe, states the Commissioner's release.

Noting that the people passing through Serbia need help, Jankovic called on citizens to show greater solidarity and not allow migrants to be victims of discrimination and their fundamental human rights to be violated.

She fiercely condemned the individuals who, according to numerous media reports from the field, use migrants' misfortune to amass profit, states the release.


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