New Nordeus donation helps equip Nis hospital

Neonatology and maternity wards at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic in Nis as of Thrusday have at their disposal all the necessary medical equipment.

Source: B92

This is thanks to the donation of the company Nordeus that is worth over 160,000 euros, which marks the twentieth victory in the "Battle for Maternity Wards" - a campaign that aims to fully equip all maternity wards in Serbia.

The Neonatology Ward of the Clinical Center Nis, thanks to this donation of Nordeus, is equipped with photo lamps, infusion pumps, pulse oximeters that are used to measure blood oxygen saturation, reanimation tables, artificial lungs, mobile ultrasound probes for newborns, hearing screening apparatus for babies, transcutaneous bilirubinometer, and apparatus for measuring acid-base status of blood.

The maternity ward now has at its disposal, among others, new delivery tables, neonatal aspirators, CTGs, for electronic monitoring of uterine contractions and fetus' heartbeat, mobile ultrasound machine, sterilizer, patient monitors with ECG.

"At Nordeus you can often hear that people have a strong winning spirit. Such victories truly motivate us and make us proud, because the results of our work bring good to our community, especially to babies and their families. And we find it particularly important that it will last for years. Many of our colleagues are from Nis and the surrounding towns, some of them are with us today, because they all contributed to the fact that we can together lead a battle for the NIS maternity ward as well," said Marija Beslac, manager of corporate communications at Nordeus.

"The company is one of the youngest and most successful IT companies in the region, but also one of the oldest and most consistent fighters in our battles for babies and maternity wards," said Chairman of the Board of theB92 Fund Veran Matic, and added:

"I'm glad they do not show signs of stopping, in fact they are ever more active. It is praiseworthy how employees participate in choosing the purpose of the assistance, in assessing where to direct it, and in particular the company's effort to involve their employees in socially responsible activities through volunteer work and proposing initiatives. I hope that the company Nordeus will become an inspiration to others how to truly care about the community in which they work and live."

Professor Doctor Zoran Radovanovic, the clinic's director, said that about 3,000 babies are annually delivered there, of which about nine percent are premature births. "Many arrive from other centers, which we accept and are for. Health care of the youngest is very demanding, but today, thanks to the donation, along with the expertise of our staff, it will be safer and more complete. I want to thank Nordeus and the B92 Fund for enabling us to get the equipment that we needed to provide quality health care," Radovanovic said.

This is the fourth donation of Nordeus in the campaign "Battle for Maternity Wards", and the company has so far donated RSD 65 million. Its donations helped to completely equip the new ward of intensive neonatal care in GAK Narodni Front in Belgrade and buy equipment for KBC Zvezdara's gynecology ward, as well as for the maternity ward of the General Hospital of the Health Center in Vranje.


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