"Ban on zealot camp is up to prosecutor" - minister

Nebojsa Stefanovic said Monday that the police will ban "a zealot-ran youth camp" if the prosecutor's office establishes the existence of a criminal offense.

Source: Tanjug

As several media reported, "members of the so-called Serbian True Orthodox Church, better known as zealots," have sent out a new invitation for their Holy Lazar Youth Camp, where children dressed in military uniforms are taught to shoot using airsoft replicas of Kalashnikov rifles.

Commenting on the announced reopening of the zealot-ran camp, the interior minister told reporters that the police have already interviewed the organizers and the parents, and sent all the gathered information to the prosecutor's office.

"We have done our part of the job, and further steps will be taken based on the response from the prosecution. If the prosecutor's office believes that there are elements of a criminal offence, we will close the camp," said Stefanovic.

The Serbian True Orthodox Church is a denomination that separated from the Serbian Orthodox Church in 1996. Its founder and current leader is bishop Akakije. The zealots are regarded as orthodox fundamentalists and their motto is “Orthodoxy or death."


"21,000 Roma IDPs live in poverty"

About 21,000 internally displaced Roma live below the threshold of poverty in Serbia, and about 20,000 of them live in substandard buildings.

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