Virtus philanthropy awards presented

B92 Fund's President of the Board of Directors Veran Matic has been presented with Virtus Annual Awards for Philanthropy Special Award.

Source: B92

During the ceremony held over the weekend in Hotel Metropol, Matic received the award from Tony O’Brien, director of British Council for Western Balkan, for his exceptional contribution to development of philanthropy in Serbia.

The winners of the main Virtus awards in five categories are – Hemofarm, for contribution on the national level, Bambi, for contribution to local community in which the company operates, Bekament, for small and medium-sized enterprises, Philip Morris International, for long term partnership between the business and non-profit sectors, and Svetlana Urosevic, for individual philanthropic contribution.

“According to Gallup research results, we are faced with a major happiness deficit in Serbia. We can conclude on our own that we have large deficit of empathy and compassion, too. I endeavor on a daily basis as homo empaticus to identify myself with the position of the unfortunate, with those who need urgent help, in order to comprehend their problems, and in order to assist them most efficiently. On the other hand, I give my best to understand the positions, interests and feelings of those who have plenty and are in a position to help, so that I could call on them to help," Matic said on the occasion, and added:

"And I do all of this in an effort to raise the level of happiness of those who receive help, in the same time making the one who give contribution happy, too. This process is among the most important today, as we must jointly do everything in our power to raise the level of happiness and satisfaction of the Serbian citizens. B92 Fund gives its best to make this magic possible - to raise in the same time the level of compassion, solidarity within the country, and to turn it most efficiently into an action."

Besides Mr. Matic, special awards went to Delta Holding, Coca Cola and Kotlenik.

Among others, the awards were presented by Kori Udovicki, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government in the Serbian Government, as well as Ambassador Michael Davenport, Head of Delegation of European Union to Serbia. A large number of applications was submitted to the competition for Virtus award, so the jury, consisting of the respected individuals and experts in the field of economy, civil sector, media and marketing, had a tough job to select the winners.

The Eighth Virtus Award Ceremony was carried out by Trag Foundation, with the financial support of European Union and Balkan Trust for Democracy. The competition was open for all local and foreign companies, corporations, public and state companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, media companies, corporate funds, foundations and individuals.

VIRTUS Award, established in 2007, is the first and most significant award for philanthropy in Serbia that promotes socially responsible business operations as an integral part of sustainable development of the companies, but also individual contribution to philanthropy. The B92 Fund is the winner of multiple Virtus award in all categories, including two highest recognitions for the national contribution of the development of philanthropy in Serbia.


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