Russia airdrops combat vehicles in Serbia as part of drills

The Russian military on Sunday airdropped two infantry combat vehicles in Serbia as part of joint anti-terrorist drills, dubbed SREM-2014.

Source: Beta,

RT reported that two BMD-2 machines were taken to the venue onboard an Ilyushin Il-76 multi-purpose airlifter on Sunday, and successfully landed on to the Nikinci training area in Serbia.

The BMD-2 is a Russian airborne infantry fighting vehicle used for combat tracking, fitted with a turret, anti-tank guided missile launcher and two machine guns, the Russian broadcaster said.

The TASS news agency quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense as sying that special MKS-350-9 and PBS-916 parachuting systems were used to deliver the vehicles to the ground.

Russia's airborne paratrooper units arrived in Belgrade on Thursday in six IL-76 military transport aircraft, RT said.

On Sunday, Serbian Army's special purpose units took part in the drills by parachuting from a Serbian Air Force Antonov-26 plane, it was also announced.

The exercises are taking place as part of a military and technical cooperation agreement between Serbia and Russia.

The Beta news agency was told earlier by the Russian Defense Ministry that the soldiers taking part in the drills will practice taking over and liquidating bases of potential illegal military formations, as well as hostage rescue operations, and would use live ammunition.


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