Survey finds Serbians to be "region's optimists"

40 percent of Serbian citizens expect the economic situation to improve, while in Croatia that percentage is 11, in Montenegro 26 and in Macedonia 37.

Source: Tanjug

This data was presented by Ipsos Strategic Marketing.

A survey carried out by the agency showed that 33 percent of Serbian citizens expect their personal financial situation to improve, the daily Politika reported, according to Tanjug.

However, although they are "the most optimistic in the region" - Serbians are also "fairly pessimistic," with 41 percent of those surveyed stating that they do not expect the economic situation in the country to improve, but to actually deteriorate.

"Every third household in Western Europe has felt the effects of the economic crisis. In countries undergoing transition, every second household has been affected. Three quarters of households in Serbia have had its members lose their job or their income drop," said the report.

The phone survey, commissioned by the European Commission, was conducted in September and included 1,000 respondents.


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