"Small tornadoes happen, climate has not changed"

Sunshine and rain in quick succession during a single day, gale force winds, and even small tornadoes are not unusual for Serbia, a meteorologist says.

Izvor: Tanjug

Speaking for Tanjug, Nedeljko Torodović of the state hydro-meteorological authority, RHMZ, explained that such weather - evident this summer - is not a consequence of "climate change".

"So far in June and July we have had the typical summer weather for our area, the temperatures have been average, so there's no change in our climate," Todorović said, adding that small tornadoes, or whirlwinds, happen in Serbia once or twice on average every year.

But this expert noted a different kind of change - people now use "modern technologies" such as smart phones and digital cameras to capture images and videos and post them online - meaning that each instance of this weather phenomenon is recorded and published.

Unlike the north American tornadoes that are powerful storms, the lower-intensity ones that occur in Europe are smaller and less destructive.

The RHMZ announced on Thursday that after a sunny morning, the day will see thunderstorms and showers in some areas, while localized heavy rainfall and hail storms are also possible in the afternoon.

The weather will remain unstable with showers and thunderstorms in the evenings and overnight until the end of next week.


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