Redesigned Safer Internet website launched

On Monday, June 9, a redesigned and updated "Klikni bezbedno" ("Click Safely") website was launched at

Source: B92

The site was originally created in 2009 at the initiative of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society as part of the eponymous campaign, and is now the main platform of the Safer Internet Center of Serbia, where the public can be informed about the risks and benefits, as well about responsible and safe use of information and communication technologies.

This website is intended for adults and young people, those who are just entering the digital world, as well as those who already feel at home there. For children, educational materials for reading and games appropriate for their age have been designed.

Some of the subjects considered on the website include: how to prevent theft of personal data; how to create strong passwords and how to keep them safe; how to safely use cell phones, computers, wireless internet; what should be taken into account when shopping or play games online; how to identify online stalking and how to protect against it; how to help a child or friend guard against internet bullies; what an internet user can do when receiving abusive and threatening messages on social networks.

Each article dealing with these issues offers detailed explanations of the terminology used, and the subject matter, as well as as suggestions and tips on ways internet users can protect themselves.

The Safer Internet Center Serbia was established in January 2013. Its aim is to raise awareness and organize educational activities (discussions, workshops, training of peer educators, competitions and educational games) for students in primary and secondary schools in Serbia, their parents, teachers, and to provide the public in Serbia with relevant information on the safe use of the internet, and information and communication technology.

The work of the center is managed, assisted, and supported by the B92 Fund, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.


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