Flash floods cause evacuations in central town

A storm that hit Kragujevac in central Serbia on Monday evening caused local authorities to evacuate 48 people, the town's emergency situations HQ has said.

Source: Tanjug

Asked why a state of emergency was also declared in Kragujevac - considering that only basements were flooded in some buildings - the HQ's deputy chair Zoran Jovanović said that the law gave them that right "if people's lives and material goods are under threat."

He went on to explain that classes would not be called off in local schools on Tuesday, and that the storm water flooded infrastructure, and many houses and institutions.

The storm saw 53 liters of rain fall within two hours, accompanied with gusts of wind reaching 60 kilometers per hour. The water brought on by the flash flooding quickly receded.

The storm also affected several other towns, but did not cause major damage.


"Authorities must immediately stop pressures"

An NGO networks has demanded that the government and all relevant authorities "immediately stop the pressure on individuals, organizations and institutions."

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