"Welcome to Mesozoic" exhibition opens on April 30

The exhibition entitled "Welcome to Mesozoic" will open in the gallery of the Natural History Museum in Belgrade on April 30.

Source: Tanjug

Organizers described the geological era as "a long-gone world and times which still attract the most attention of all the bygone eras".

The exhibition will feature reconstructions of marine ecosystems with typical sea creatures of the era, such as unusual invertebrates - ammonites and belemnites - and huge marine reptiles such as plesiosaurus, elasmosaurus and ichthyosaurus.

The exhibition will also feature a reconstruction of the habitat which was a home to a large number of various dinosaur species, reptilians and mammals 75 million years ago.

It will present original fossils of marine invertebrates found in the territory of Serbia and herbal fossils old around 200 million years which once formed forest ecosystems in the area.

Visitors will have a chance to learn more about the appearance of the planet in the Mesozoic era when the layout of seas and continents was completely different than it is now, said announcements.


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