Police unit spokesman urges hooligans to attack NGO

The Ministry of Interior (MUP) strongly condemned the gesture of its Anti-Terrorist Unit (PTJ) spokesman, who urged violence against the Women in Black NGO.

Source: B92, Beta

In a vulgar message posted on Facebook spokesman Radomir Počuča urged football hooligans to stop fighting among themselves and instead turn on the members of the peace movement.

His message, which has since been removed, was posted as a comment to an article about the Women in Black marking the anniversary of a crime committed against Albanians in Kosovo.

MUP State Secretary Vanja Vukić told Beta on Friday that Počuča's contract expires in April and "probably will not be extended."

"Počuča presented his stance on his a private Facebook profile, but the Ministry has strongly condemned his gesture," said Vukić.

Ombudsman Saša Janković said on Twitter that he expected the MUP to determine the authenticity of the Facebook account where the message was posted, and initiate criminal and disciplinary proceedings.

Janković also asked "why a police unit would need a PR person."


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