MUP official in charge of protection found dead

Police Lt. Col. Boža Đukić, who worked as adviser to the head of the MUP Directorate for Protection, was found dead in his office in Belgrade on Tuesday.

Source: B92, Tanjug

Head of this MUP directorate Zoran Tomašević told Tanjug that Đukić "turned off the lights in his office around 16:00 hours and it looked as if he had headed home."

A cleaning lady found the body later, Tomašević, who was present as the scene was investigated, added. According to him, the body was sent for a post mortem.

Tomašević told B92 that "everything points to a suicide."

"When the results arrive it will be definitely known if this was indeed a suicide. Considering there was no suicide note at the scene, there is a weak possibility that the pistol fired accidentally," he was quoted as saying.

In the past several years Đukić worked as chief of the Department for Protection of Persons and Delegations, which provided security for some 500 people.

A month ago the 47-year-old was promoted to Tomašević's advisor.


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