Awareness raising as parts of CSSIC Serbia Project

In June 2013, Telenor Foundation Serbia approved financial support for Fund B92 awareness raising activities within the CSSIC Serbia Project

Source: B92

They provided funding for school visits and educational activities in Serbian primary and secondary schools for children, their parents/caretakers and teachers/professors.

The 4 grassroot local organizations, Fund B92 partners in implementation of Save the Children funded NGO Response to Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Serbia Project in 2011-2013, were invited to submit their project proposals, through a Call for Project Proposals, on September 2. Selected projects were realized from September 26 till December 15 in Serbian primary and secondary schools, through series of 143 interactive workshops; 47 lectures and discussions for parents; one 3 day’s intensive training for peer educators; 47 peer education workshops; 2 children’s focus group meetings (both to assess precise beneficiaries’ needs for information and to design the most appropriate promo materials for children and parents), and 2 workshops with discussions for school psychologists.

Awareness raising activities were implemented throughout Serbia, in the total of 22 towns and cities, 43 primary schools, 31 secondary schools, for the total of 6,066 primary school pupils, 3,353 secondary school students, 2,422 parents and caretakers, 378 school psychologists, teachers and local representatives of RS Ministry of Education. In all these awareness raising activities, special segment was always dedicated to Net Patrola Hotline facility, to provide information about its scope of operation, purpose, to instruct potential users on how to use it and what to report, and to provide information on its liaisons with other national and international agencies/networks, etc.

Just like in the previous years of implementation of awareness raising activities for school children, additional funding had to be provided since more schools required to be included in the schedule for workshops/lectures, etc., both for children and for their parents. The aim is to provide regular extra curriculum awareness raising activities for children, parents and teachers twice a year in all Serbian schools, but also to gradually introduce Internet safety in the official IT education curriculum in primary and secondary schools in Serbia.

In 2013, Serbian Safer Internet Center organized a series of awareness raising activities in 22 towns and cities, 43 primary schools, 31 secondary schools, for the total of 9,419 pupils and students, 2,422 parents and caretakers and 378 teachers, school psychologists and local representatives of RS Ministry of Education. Through a series of 143 interactive presentations, 55 workshops, one training for peer educators and activities of 2 children’s focus groups and 47 workshops and presentations for parents different aspects of safer Internet and ICT use and existing and emerging online threats and viable options for ICT use in schools were presented. All the awareness raising activities provided detailed and clear explanations of threats from CSAM, cyberbullying, phishing, online predators, hate speech, as well as the guidelines on netiquette, personal data protection, privacy settings and safe use of social networking sites. Both children and their teachers were encouraged to safely use the online contents and ICT resources in classroom.


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