Project group for migration analysis set up

The Serbian Ministry of Interior Affairs set up the project group to analyse the situation in migration and define legal solutions.

Source: Tanjug

Those would contribute to the strengthening of Serbia's capacities in the migration sector, the ministry said.

The constitution of the working group chaired by State Secretary at the Interior Ministry Vladimir Božović is an example of proactive approach and determination to overcome challenges Serbia is facing in the area, states the release.

In connection to this topic, Božović conferred in Belgrade with Regional Coordinator for the Western Balkans International Organization for Migration (IOM) Gianluca Rocco.

Božović and Rocco stated that irregular migrants pose a greater obstacle for Serbia than asylum-seekers.

Another key issue of the talks between Božović and Rocco covered asylum-seekers from Serbia who are abusing the institute to Serbia's detriment, states the release.

Rocco and Božović agreed that regional approach needs to be assumed in the search for a solution to the issue of migration management in the Western Balkans, and added that every country has to carry its burden of responsibility in the search for a solution to the issue with the support of the EU because Serbia and other Western Balkan countries did not cause irregular migrations.

Rocco underscored that he is under the impression that the migration sector is in a state of confusion due to the insufficiently clear definition of the institutions' powers.

He underscored that when it comes to migration management, the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations needs to focus more on the search for a solution to the issue of migrants and enhance its capacities in adoption of important decisions within short periods of time, the release states.

Rocco informed Božović about the talks he had in the EU Delegation in Serbia with Head of the Delegation Michael Davenport and his suggestions for the European Commission to provide greater assistance to Serbia in the future in the search for a solution to the issue of irregular migrants, the release states.


Gale force winds, snowdrifts wreak havoc on roads

Freight vehicle traffic has been suspended due to strong wind and snowdrifts in central and southern parts of the Banat District in northeastern Serbia.

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