"State news agency's future is privatization"

Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Saša Mirković has said that the future legislative solution for the state news agency Tanjug will be privatization.

Izvor: Beta, Politika

"The anniversary and jubilee (of Tanjug) is also an opportunity to turn a new page linked to, no doubt, a successful future of Tanjug, appropriate to the current times and financial situation that needs to create identical conditions for all economic players in the market," he told the Belgrade-based daily Politika.

Mirković added that "when one compares any form of state ownership, they are keeping silent on the fact that the other two (news) agencies in the market have been there for more than 20 years."

"This shows that the market model is absolutely applicable, provided that all actors in are in competition under fair conditions for business and work. The future legislative resolution for Tanjug is the privatization process," said Mirković, on the occasion of the 70 years since the founding of the state news agency.

According to him, the Ministry of Culture and Information is drafting the text of the Law on Public Information, based on the comments received from ministries, as well as from the public debate held in March.

It is an umbrella media law that should define the withdrawal of the state from media ownership, control of state assistance, project financing and privatization periods, said Mirković.


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