Huge mosque under construction in southwestern Serbia

A mosque with the tallest minarets in Europe - reaching up to 90 meters - will be built in a rural mountainous region in southwestern Serbia.

Source: B92

Sandžak is an area that is home to a large Muslim (Bosniak) minority in Serbia, and its residents who now live abroad have collected the funds to build the mosque in Duga Poljana, on the Pešter Plateau.

The mosque, that will have six minarets and 15 domes - each with a diameter of 12 meters - will be part of the Islamic Center.

Two of the minarets will be 90 meters talls - three times more than what is seen in similar Islamic centers throughout Europe, and only ten meters shorter than Belgrade Palace (Beograđanka).

The ground has already been broken for the structure by Islamic Community in Serbia Mufti Muamer Zukorlić, while the center has been nicknamed "Mufti's Miracle."

Asked to comment on this, Zukorlić said he was "unaware" of the name, and added:

"In any case, the Islamic Center in Duga Poljana is based on a program adopted by the Meshihat of the Islamic Community (in Serbia) 15 years ago. The goal is for important Islamic centers to be built in significant village areas."

Zukorlić also said that the physical size of the structure is the result of the wish of the donors, who are originally from the area, "to compete" by building 90-meter tall minarets. However, the mufti noted that "all that is still on the level of a design solution."

Zukorlić then explained that minarets "above all have a practical role," as they are used for calls to prayer, "and it is desirable that the call is heard as far as possible."

The colossal complex will include a kindergarten, a school for Quran studies, an information center, a center for languages, and a restaurant with 500 seats.


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