Belgrade: Tram driver dies at wheel

A 46-year-old tram driver died on Monday night in Belgrade of a heart attack, while driving in Kralja Aleksandara Boulevard.


The man was identified as Radomir G, the website is reporting.

No passengers were injured during the accident.

According to the reports, the tram was traveling on Line 7, headed from downtown Belgrade toward Zvezdara, when the driver suffered a heart attack and died.

The vehicle then continued to move, and stopped only on the intersection with Ruzveltova St.

The tram's passengers told reporters that they noticed "something strange was happening" when they realized the vehicle had not taken its route down the boulevard, but instead started to take a turn toward Ruzveltova St.

"Then one of the passengers in the front part of the tram said that the driver had fallen down. I guess he had a heart attack," an eyewitness said, and added that another passenger rushed to the man and was attempting to resuscitate him until the ambulance arrived.

The doctors also unsuccessfully tried to resuscitate the driver, said the eyewitness.


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