Net Patrol website launched to fight digital violence

The Safer Internet Center has launched a new website,, where citizens can report harmful content found on the internet.

Source: B92

Citizens can easily and anonymously submit content, including photographs, animations, video, and text, that they believe puts someone in danger, contains hate speech or sexually exploits children.

The need for this service - that has been present in similar form for years around the world - arose because the development of the internet has created a new form of violence - digital violence.

This term means any violence being carried out using computers, mobile phones and all forms of electronic communication.

Research shows that more than 60 percent of elementary and high school students have faced this form of violence.

The world was recently shocked by the news that a British teenager committed suicide over the insults she had received on a social network.

"Net Patrol is launched, it was conceived as a place where citizens and all users of the internet and interactive technologies have the opportunity to submit any content that is harmful to our youngest," said Tatjana Matić, a state secretary with the Ministry of Trade and Telecommunications.

"There's a web form - a form that is located at and all it takes is to leave a link to the content, while people who report abuse can choose whether the report will be anonymous or not," said Ivan Jelić, technical coordinator of the Safer Internet Center.

All reports are processed by an operator, and the materials that are seen as serious violations are forwarded to the police. The Center pointed out that the data on those who reported some content remains protected and that they will in no way be affected.

"It is important to engage citizens. We launched the first project in 2009, and this is the right form that is the best way to ensure that the public has an address to which they can go, and know that their report has been processed, and that the link and the content from some sites or social network will be processed, and that if a bad case had occurred, that it will not continue to happen."

The website is managed by the Safer Internet Center which was set up by the B92 Fund, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign and Domestic Trade and Telecommunications and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the support of the Telenor Foundation.


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