Blic Daily Sues Informer and TV Pink

Publisher of Blic daily, the company Ringier Axel Springer, pressed charges for disloyal competition against TV Pink and the daily Informer, agencies reported.

Source: Tanjug

According to the company Ringier Axel Springer, TV Pink and Informer conducted a negative campaign over twenty days by launching a number of lies and slanders.

In this way, these two media
outlets have been trying to jeopardize business operations and
reputation of the company Ringier Axel Springer as well as the
credibility of the daily Blic, the media company stated.

The management of the company stressed that Editor-in-Chief of
Blic, Veselin Simonovic, and members of the Editorial Board were
guided by strict standards of journalism in the company Ringier Axel
Springer Media. As it was stated, they are an “example of critical,
independent journalism and editorial integrity in Serbia”.
Conflict between Blic and TV Pink started last month,
when the owner of Pink Zeljko Mitrovic got angry with Blic because
of their extensive reporting on a traffic accident with fatal outcome
that was caused by his son. Mitrovic fought back by presenting for
days a number of slanders and criticisms against Blic and the editor
Simonovic in the top news.
The State Broadcasting Agency (RRA) gave a public
warning to Pink last week for its attacks against Blic. The TV station
was ordered to immediately stop the campaign that it had conducted
against Blic for two weeks.
Criticism directed against Blic and Simonovic was also
leveled by the tabloid Informer, whose editor-in-chief Dragan
Vucicevic has been in conflict for a while with editors of the
newspapers published by Ringier Axel Springer.


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