Serbs among the unhappiest nations

Belgrade – According to the Report on the global happiness, Serbs are among the unhappiest nation.

Source: 24 časa

According to this survey, carried out by the Institute of the University of Columbia, our country is on the far 149 place out of 156 countries.

Psychotherapist Zoran Milivojevic for "24 hours," says the unhappiness feeling is actually the intersection mental state of the nation.
The findings of the study of world happiness show that behind Serbia by discontent, depression and general unhappiness are only Georgia, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Togo, Palestine, Armenia and Iraq. All countries in our region are much happier, and we are by far the most unhappy country in Europe.

"When we realize desires, we feel pleasure, and if those are extremely important desires, when we realize them, we feel lucky. Then when we cannot achieve our life goals, we feel frustrated and unhappy. Happiness means - I'm fine, and when I look to the future I'll be fine. A Serb is concerned about future because we lived poor, have been living poorly, no future looks optimistic. Therefore this research has relevance and I think that it is the intersection of the mental state of the nation", explained Milivojevic.

Money and wealth are not a guarantee of happiness.
The confirmation that money does not guarantee happiness is an example of many developing countries of Africa and Eurasia where there is great poverty and social differences, yet are far more fortunate than us. However we measure any sense of happiness in the top of the list of all are the Scandinavian countries (primarily Denmark, followed

On the other hand, the research "Happy Planet Index" had a lot more different and more optimistic results, and Serbia is on 79th place out of 151 countries with a score of 41.1, which is a kind of equilibrium.

However, this study failed to take into account the personal feeling of happiness of the individual, but social, political and economic parameters i.e. the conditions that a country makes for a happy and better life. However, having in mind the fact that happiness is after all, subjective, it happens that people in developed countries are among the unhappiest, and that those living in poor countries are at the top of the ladder when it comes to happiness.

"This second study ‘calculated’ happiness based on parameters that indicate the quality of life in a country. For example, financial situation - you can have a house or a car, but you are depressed and unhappy because you want more," says Milivojevic

According to the research of world happiness based on momentary happiness in the first place is Iceland, followed by Laos and Ireland. Panama and Slovakia are in the fourth and fifth place, while, for example Slovenia is on106th place and Croatia on 124th.

Macedonia is on 140th place, Montenegro on 143rd and Serbia on 149th ".


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