Use water in a rational way

Belgrade – In the period of high temperatures, when there is increased demand for water, it is necessary to use it rationally due to restrictions.

Source: B92, Beta, Tanjug

In smaller rivers, the water flow is reduced to a minimum.

It is appealed to the citizens to, as long as the heat lasts, refrain from irrigating agricultural land, watering of green areas, filling individual tanks, watering and cooling the sidewalk, terrace and gardens, washing cars and vehicles by hoses.

Restrictions on water use have been introduced from today on, which means banning the use of water for the irrigation of parks, gardens, and street washing and cleaning vehicles.

The City Council of Cacak adopted at yesterday's meeting the decision on the introduction of measures to restrict water consumption, which will be on force until the stabilization of the situation in the water supply system "Rzav" Arilje.

The decision shall enter into force upon its adoption and shall apply from today, 6th of August.

The Public Utility Company "Water" Cacak shall control the application of this decision.

Penalty provisions established by the Decision on public water supply and sewerage of Cacak shall be applied against water users who do not follow the above-mentioned measures.

The Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia (Republic Hydrometeorological Service) today announced that, due to drought and high temperatures, water flow is now close to the biological minimum in the Old Begej, Brzava, Moravica in the Kolubara, Juzna and Velika Morava rivers tributaries, and in the Velika Morava and Timoc rivers.

The Department of Water Forecast, early warning and alarms RHMS, told for Beta that the water level of the river in the next ten days, was likely to decline to the biological minimum, which is of hazard to the survival of life in them, and the ecosystems.

Low water level decreases water quality, impedes water supply and potential navigation.

In the next ten days, the water level of the Danube, Sava Tisa and Drina rivers will be stagnant, and the smaller increase in water levels is expected only from mid-August on.

The lower water level, according to the RHMS, will make the navigation on Sava - from Sremska Mitrovica to Belgrade, the Danube - from Zemun and Pancevo difficult.

In RHMS they say that for most of August unfavorable hydrological conditions of medium and small rivers in Serbia can be expected.

Unfavorable hydrological conditions from the standpoint of water quality are expected (high water temperature and flow rate reduction), as well as difficult water supplying and reducing water storage in reservoirs.

The forecast amount of rainfall during August will be less than the long-term /several years’ average/, amounting to 15 to 30 liters per square meter, and in the mountains from 27 to 66 liters.

By the end of the week we expect the temperature to rise up to 38 degrees, and only on Friday can we expect refreshment.


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