B92 and Veran Matić win regional awards

B92 Editor in Chief Veran Matić has been given the "Region's Person Number 1" award in the field of media, while B92 is "Best Media-Information Company."

Source: B92

The 28the consecutive event - "The Selection of the Best Managers and Companies in Southeastern and Central Europe," was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and was attended by about 400 managers from 14 European countries.

B92 was awarded for "unbiased and truthful reporting, independence, objectivity, creativity and great programming content."

The award was presented by well-known journalist Zekerijah Smajić.

"This is a valuable regional award that speaks about the fact that experts from the region recognize the professional and innovative work that is not only related, in the leadership sense, to Serbia, but to the entire region. In addition to B92's journalistic work, known for credible news programs and investigative journalism, our company has developed humanitarian and social campaigns in Serbia they also spill over to the region," Matić said as he accepted the award, and added:

"The managerial work itself contains not only a sustainable business, but extremely powerfully, the continued presence of social responsibility, as a mandatory part of the activities of the company. Reporting about problems is often accompanied by concrete actions, which, with the help of the citizens and communities, are then being solved."

The ceremony also announced "best minister and mayor," and company managers. 20 awards were given for the best in the business, in different categories - small, medium and large.

One of the awards went to European Commission representative in Bosnia Peter Sorensen, while Serbia's Minister of Regional Development and Local Self-Government Verica Kalanović has been declared "best minister" in the region.

"Best mayor" this year was Veroljub Stevanović of Kragujevac.

An independent regional jury headed by Croatian businessman Tomislav Antunović decided on the awards given by the Directorate of the Regional Agency for Best Manager of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Before the ceremony, a traditional business conference on regional cooperation and development was held, marked by grades and assessments - what awaits the economy of Croatia and other countries after Croatia joins the EU, and what measures to take to improve the economy.

The conference was addressed by Kalanović, Minister Mirko Šarović from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Minister Erdal Trhulj from the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina entity.


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