Position of LGBT population in Serbia "improves"

The legal standing of the LGBT population in Serbia improved in 2012, Lesbian Human Right Organization Labris has said.

Source: Tanjug

The group presented its annual report to state that in the area of rights, 2012 was marked by introduction of binding aggravating circumstances for the pronouncement of verdicts in hate crimes inspired by discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Pointing out that at a joint proposition of the Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM) and the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), a hate crime is now defined just like any other crime described in the Criminal Procedure Code, program coordinator Jovanka Todorović said that this point will exert long-term effects on the reduction of intolerance and violence in the Serbian society.

The Labris representative listed as positive examples the two court rulings which she qualified as historic because of the influence these should exert on the legal position and everyday life of the LGBT community in Serbia.

Official of the Serbian Government Office for Human and Minority Rights Borjana Peruničić noted that the planned Pride Parade was not held last year due to security reasons, which was qualified in the report as violation of the right to freedom of assembly and helplessness before hooligans.

Peruničić expressed the hope that the Pride Parade would be held in September this year.

Equality Commissioner Nevena Petrušić stated that five percent of complaints filed to her office covered instances when the rights of LGBT population were brought in jeopardy, adding that such proceedings rank as top priorities in the agenda.

This is the eighth annual report issued by Labris and it points to certain progress, Petrušić said.


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